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The Phoenix Guardian HEPA Air Scrubber performs several critical air quality remediation functions simultaneously because its HEPA filter captures virtually all removable airborne particles. An optional 4-stage absorption filter contains a blend of activated carbon and potassium permanganate to remove remaining airborne odors and chemicals.

The true 1,400 CFM capacity of the Phoenix Guardian HEPA Air Scrubber System is shown in tests proving it can completely change the air in a 14' x 14' room in four minutes. To be this effective, air scrubbers must perform a minimum of four air changes per hour. It is no surprise that a single Guardian can control up to 21,000 cubic feet, given its complex engineering.

The Guardian Air Scrubber offers high airflow and multiple ducting options, achieving a combination of negative or positive airflow control and containment air scrubbing. This gives the unit the unique ability to continually filter indoor air while depressurizing a damaged site. The result? The spread of contamination is almost non-existent.


The intake accepts either 18" flex-duct or 12" flex-duct with an adapter (included) to contain contamination or draw contaminated air from hard-to-reach places not usually accessible to air scrubbers.

Every Guardian HEPA System comes with a 14-inch, lay-flat duct ring, offering 100% negative air operation, and two 10-inch lay-flat duct rings for a combination of negative air, air scrubbing, or positive airflow results.


Optional Activated Carbon & Potassium Permanganate Filtration
Guardian Carbon Filter Frames - substantially improve gas and odor filtration.
These 20 gauge galvanized metal frames are available in 24 x 24 x 2-inch sizes (Item# PH-4024764-EA).

Carbon and Potassium Permanganate fill material - available in 30-pound buckets (Item# PH-4024528-EA).

There are several advantages to using Carbon Filter Frames rather than manufactured carbon filters:

  • Media stays fresher when stored in the 5-gallon bucket.
  • Loading the filter at the job site allows a technician to adjust the amount of media for that specific job.
  • Save plenty of money when you choose a filter frame over a manufactured one.
  • Replacement foam liners and honeycomb inserts are also available.


Features and Benefits:

  • 2-speed operation (1,400 to 900 CFM)
  • Multiple ducting options
  • Built-in manometer
  • Only 12 amps
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Optional fourth stage carbon filter
  • Wheeled cart design


More Information
Air Scrubber CFM Rating900 or 1450
MaterialStainless Steel
Operating Speeds2-Speed
Weight121 lbs
CategoryAir Scrubbers
Warranty InformationYear 1 - All Components, includes Freight and Labor
Manufacturer Model Number4024848
Xactimate CodeWTRNAFAN>

Air Scrubber #1(f) - USiM Phoenix Guardian HEPA Air Scrubber

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