The Novair 2000 Air Scrubber is a portable air filtration system for use in abatement, hospitals, and anywhere else dust is a concern.

The 2 HP motor is the most powerful in its class, generating true 1,000-2,000 CFM with filters in place. Uses a standard 24 x 24 x 11.5 HEPA filters and available with HEPA, ULPA, or nuisance dust filters. The motor extends the filter life by pulling more particulate deeper in the filter.

Made with a polyethylene shell, the Novair 2000 is dent proof, leak proof, lightweight, and virtually indestructible. The caster nest allows for easy stacking.

Being light and compact, and with integrated molded carrying handles, this unit is extremely mobile and fits effortlessly through standard doorways.

Easy to decontaminate or clean.

Decibel Level at 1 Meter on High: 75 dB

Decibel Level at 1 Meter on Low: 70 dB


More Information
Amps 15
Volts 110/115
Air Scrubber CFM Rating 2000-1000 CFM
Material Polyethylene
Operating Speeds 2-Speed
Ductable Yes
Weight 135 lbs
Brand Novair
Category Air Scrubbers
Condition New

Air Scrubber #1(c) - USiM Novatek Novair 2000 Air Scrubber