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USIM Mold 101 Test
(1) Mold is a ?
(2) Mold has the characteristics of ?
(3) Mold produces a seed like substance called a ?
(4) The key to Mold Control is?
(5) Mold Growth can start on water damaged areas in?
(6) Mold is hard to eliminate because the spores are?
(7) Inhaling Mold Spores can cause?
(8) The term for Mold Clean up is called Mold?
9) The EPA is short for?
(10) Which Room of the House is more susceptible to Mold?
(11) What type of Respirator is the minimum standard for Lung Protection?
(12) What Governing Organization is here to help keep you safe in the workplace?
(13) What Protection is Required to Protect the Eyes for Mold Remediation?
(14) What Stage of Mold are Gloves Required for Mold Remediation?
(15) What is the term for chemicals that kill living organisms?
(16) What is the maximum humidity we should have to Prevent Mold Spore Germination?
(17) What is the instrument do we use in measuring humidity?
(18) What machine can be used to reduce humidity in the home?
(19) Cold Surfaces that mix with humid air can cause?
(20) Increasing Air Temperature in structural drying can cause?
(21) What is the industry standard for mold clearance and indoor air quality?
(22) What professional can test for Mold?
(23) If Mold is not properly cleaned up the spores left behind could?
(24) If we mix with chlorine bleach and ammonia we could produce?
(25) What is a fungus that grows on living material?
(26) What is the best tool to use to find hidden mold?
(27) Other than Moisture what is needed for mold growth?
(28) Mold Spores are measured using a measurement called?
(29) What is the term when a mold spore becomes a fungus?
(30) What is the root/branch like structure of the fungus called?
(31) What is the term for the mold spore being released in the air?
(32) What is the life cycle of mold called when the Mycella & Hypha are complete?
(33) What is Mold Stage #4?
(34) What Classification is Mold of 10-100sq.ft?
(35) What do toxic molds have that most non toxic are missing?
(36) What is the First Step in Mold Remediation?
(37) What software is used as the industry standard for current Pricing?
(38) What is the industry term for the equipment to protect you from harm with mold exposure?
(39) What are symptoms of mold exposure?
(40) What are VOC’s?
(41) What type of suit is worn in Mold Remediation?
(42) An Air Pump takes what measurement of Mold as the industry standard?
(43) What should always be completed before applying biocides?
(44) What document is the industry standard for completion of the Remediation?
(45) What is the industry standard for completion of a water loss?
(46) What is the machine that removes spores from the air called?
(47) What machine is used to Remove Spores from Surfaces during Remediation?
(48) What can VOC’s trigger in sensitive health groups?
(49) What is needed when we suffer a roof leak to prevent mold in attics?
(50) What is the study of mold called?

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